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our team

introduction of our employees

Our success is based on our team which distinguished with speed in a continuously changing everyday life. The collaboration between experience and courage, different focuses and views define our team and our success. The poe® team sees costumers as partners: suggestions are seen as a challenge and chance to advance as a team.

The company incorporates itself into the categories software development, system technique, controlling/ administration and distribution. Customer satisfaction as a goal of our company philosophy motivates us to satisfy our costumer wishes. We guarantee this through a permanent qualification of our staff and continuous improvement of our processes.



Dietmar Papenkordt

"With our software products, we have dedicated ourselves to retail and feel absolutely at home in this very dynamic market. Customers with a high degree of individualization give us the opportunity to play to our strengths. We start exactly where our competition leaves off with their standards. Our software solutions fit into the workflow of our customers to support their individual strengths. To achieve this, we use exactly those components / tools that make sense. We achieve the long-term loyalty and commitment of our customers not with contracts, but with trust."

Dietmar Papenkordt - Entrepreneur (Founder)


Service & Support

Head of Department Andreas von Detten

"Our service and support department uses the latest systems and provides a high compatibility whereby a undisturbed working on our products is possible. We use the latest technique standards so our customers are always up to date."

Andreas von Detten  - Head of Department Service & Support



Head of Department Dario Gladbach

"We work continuously on improvement of existent poe® products and implementation of new software solutions in our intern development department, because the qualitative requirement is in focus. Our groundbreaking innovation in mobile cashpoints and app- based solutions show that we are up to date."

Dario Gladbach - Head of Department Development


Head of Department Jürgen Münstermann

"Our qualified colleagues of the distribution team will work on the perfect solution for you. You would only get what you need - and just that! Please feel free to contact us now."

Jürgen Münstermann - Head of Department Distribution


Controlling/ Administration

Head of Department Ursula Papenkordt

"Our departments work hand in hand and that’s why poe® could establish in the growing and dynamic market. We give our best so you feel comfortable."

Ursula Papenkordt - Head of Department Controlling/Administration