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cash out for iOS and Android

POSMANapp- cash register system – really easy


Start downloading in the iTunes or google Play store – it´s ready. A printer (ethernet or bluetooth) and a manual scanner can be configured by the user. You store all your articles, customers and delivery partners on your iPad and you have access to them everywhere. Optional a cloud hosted ERP can be added.


Of course we can fulfil your individual requests and wishes with the POSMANapp and do the trading tasks for your firm as you plan them. Adapt the cash register to your requests and manage the simpliest use and the clearest structures. So your staff can work quicker and more efficient and you can improve your working quality easily.

All POSMAN register systems, stationary, as web-editions, as mobile products or App belong to the POSMAN product family and can variably be combined and used with every POSMAN product – of course as a cash register system, too.


No matter what you start with – POSMAN always functions – Posman always innovates.

individual touchlayouts
each POSMAN cash register with its own database (SQL)
mulit-functional display
information module (different contents)
free push buttons
set articles, object lists
receipt managment
discounts, actions
staff authorization
intuitive operation
breakdown security
on- and offline with the branch managing system
customer display
various possibilities for paying

contact person
sales team
  • Herr Simon Papenkordt
    Tel.: +49 (2951) 98492-30
    Fax: +49 (2951) 98492-20

  • Dietmar Papenkordt
    Tel.: +49 (2951) 98492-30
    Fax: +49 (2951) 98492-20

  • Jürgen Münstermann
    Tel.: +49 (2951) 98492-30
    Fax: +49 (2951) 98492-20