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cloud and web based solutions

the future of mobility


You want to access your cash point and connected inventory management whenever where ever? In this case, our ultra mobile Cloud- and Web browser based solutions are exactly what you need. If you are on fairs, business trips or at your costumers, you are not bounded and just need a internet capable device for the Login. And if you are on holiday you can trigger your statistics from abroad.

POSMAN cloud


-Customer administration, - bounding,-history
-Supplier administration
-Item administration
-Special offers
-Order administration
-Stock administration/ branch change

-Employee administration
-Evaluation/ statistics
-Voucher administration
-Physical inventory management
-DATEV interface



POSMANweb fulfills every requirement of a modern cash solution; working comfortable, transparence and planning reliable- this is POSMANweb.


The hosted, completely browser based Cash solution allows hardware- and location independent works and is always up to date and protected from extern access through the automatic update procedure. This investment safe system has all benefits from the in trading known, stationary POSMAN cash solutions.

-Clear administration
-Statistic evaluation
-User friendly surface
-Fast and easy implementation

-Location independent usage from Cash point
-Continuous Updates
-Investment safe

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