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cash out systems

POSMAN – important for retail

POSMAN cash register system – the basis for your successful development. It is quickly, simply and individually adapted to every trade department and handles the important tasks for your firm.


Feel comfortable by adapting and creating the tasks of your firm to the touch or the keyboard. Optimize and adapt the cash register to your needs and create the simpliest handling and clear structure. Let your staff work quicklier and more efficiently and increase the quality of your work with simple means.

All POSMAN register systems, stationary, as web-editions, as mobile products or iOS-app belong to the POSMAN product family and can variably be combined and used with every POSMAN product – of course as a cash register system, too.


No matter what you start with – POSMAN always functions – Posman always innovates.

Individual touchlayouts
each POSMAN cash register with its own database (SQL)
individual keyboard layout
multi-functional display
free push buttons
set articles, object lists
deposit processes
receipt managment
discounts, actions
staff authorization
integration into TRADEMAN tour planning possible
intuitive operation
breakdown security
on- and offline with the branch managing system
picture display of the article
various possibilities for paying (cash, bill, delivery note)
payment splitting
connection via LAN / WLAN / UTMS
signalling (with connection to branch manager)

stationäre Kasse
contact person
sales team
  • Herr Simon Papenkordt
    Tel.: +49 (2951) 98492-30
    Fax: +49 (2951) 98492-20

  • Kamiran Bahde
    Tel.: +49 (2951) 98492-30
    Fax: +49 (2951) 98492-20

  • Dietmar Papenkordt
    Tel.: +49 (2951) 98492-30
    Fax: +49 (2951) 98492-20