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GDPdU regulation

general things about GDPdU


In a Letter from the Department of the Treasury (BMF) from 26.11.2010 (“Keeping digital documents from cash business”) the requirements for cash systems have been drastically increased.

According to the letter of BMF you have consider following: “Particular you have to keep all tax relevant single data (single obligatory supervision) including possible electronic generated invoices i. S of § 14 VATA unchanged and completely.” In addition we invite attention that the documents have to existence in an evaluable data format and provided documents in printed form are not sufficient. This means that a external auditor needs to import and process data through a IDEA interface and it has to accord to the “Elementary laws of data excess and verifiability of digital documents (German: GDPdU).


Cash systems which do not or just partial conform this legal requirement are not rejected if the tax payer uses his cash system till max. 31.12.2016.


Consequences and risks which result out of this

-The investigated data have to be provided in digital, unchanged and evaluable form
-Printed documents are not sufficient anymore
-The data back- up is compulsory submitted, because a data loss will course corresponding sanctions.
-The correctness of the accountancy can be questioned if the requirements are not fulfilled.
=> it occurred a estimation through business investigator
=> it can be an administrative fine imposed between 2.500€ and 250.000€


our solution

We already extended all of our POSMAN products to these requirements and fulfill all tax requirements since 2012. POSMAN cash systems fulfill all fundamentals of sound accounting practice and save the data in a IDEA conformable data format.

Information writing about GDPdU und IDEA:

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