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- IPV6 ready
- Client authentication with MIT Kerberos
- Live update



- Open GL Support
- More Powerful PC X server
- Safer & Easier way to access remote UNIX/Linux
- Xbrowser Dynamically searches for all available UNIX/Linux hosts
- Instant connection using the Address bar
- Instant connection to the UNIX/Linux machines using the Address bar
- Applying different profiles for each server and application
- Securing your communication with the server using the SSH protocol
- Preventing unauthorized use of Xmanager with Access Control
- Opening multiple Xmanager instances with different X server settings
- Using MS-DOS command line options to connect to the UNIX/Linux hosts



- Redirect Key Input to Multiple Terminals
- Make Your Sessions More Secure With a Master Password
- Prevent Unauthorized Access with Automatic Terminal Lock
- Edit Terminal Contents With a User Defined Text Editor
- Powerful Automation With More Scripting Language Support
- User Defined Key Map Support
- Multiple Language Support for Global Users
- Open Multiple Sessions in a Single Window With the Session Tab
- Control Xshell Using the Local Shell Interface
- Quick SSH/Telnet Connections Using the Address Bar
- Send Frequently Used Commands and Strings Using Quick Command
- Secure Your Communication with SSH
- Launch X Applications Through SSH Tunnel (X11 Forwarding)
- Send a String to Multiple Servers at Once With the Compose Bar
- Real time Channel Monitoring (SSH) Using the Tunneling Bar
- Send Responses Automatically with Wait & Response



- Synchronized Navigation
- Synchronizing
- Multiple Panes
- FXP Support
- Use Notepad to Directly Edit Remote Files
- Start a Terminal Session with Click of a Button
- Increase Download/Upload Speed
- Direct Control using Transfer Window Menu



- Preview Print Jobs Before Printing Them
- Be On Alert for Errors
- Run as Windows Service
- Find Print Jobs
- Different Settings for Each Queue
- Comprehensive Print History
- Intuitive Print Job Management

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